UglifyJS tries to be IE-proof, you can pass a flag in Uglify if you don’t care about full compliance with Internet Explorer 6-8 quirks.

You can run:

cat input.js | uglifyjs --screw-ie8 -o output.js

When if you are using gulp.js, this is how you can do that:

var minifier = require('gulp-uglify/minifier')
var uglifyjs = require('uglify-js')
var rename = require('gulp-rename')
gulp.task('uglify', function () {
  return gulp.src(['js/*.js'])
      compress: {
        screw_ie8: true
      mangle: {
        screw_ie8: true
    }, uglifyjs))
      suffix: '.min'

Several things to notice here:

  • I use gulp-uglify/minifier so that I can specify my own version of uglify-js
  • I use gulp-rename to add a suffix to the filename
  • The screw_ie8 parameter needs to be passed into compress and mangle as options.

It’s really time to move on and ignore IE8.

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